Weighing solutions tailored exactly for you

Our products


Weighing solutions tailored exactly for you

Our products


Weighing solutions tailored exactly for you

Our products

You can rent or buy our scales for your purpose - more information is available upon individual request.

Rent scales and achieve success step by step with MeWa

Whatever you have to weigh, MeWa offers the right scale for it. From delicate precision scales to imposing rail scales, from flexible truck scales to mobile pallet scales - our scales are robust, solid, sensitive and precise. Weighing technology for industry, commerce, medicine and agriculturally oriented businesses can be found here in great variety.

Contact us so that our competent scale experts can evaluate your questions about design, functionality, material and product safety to suit your task. In this way, we will find the scale for you that fully meets your specific task in operation.

Do you need a particular scale only seasonally or for a specific order? If your scales are not used regularly, we have the right alternative to purchase for you: simply rent a scale! In our rental scale service you have a large selection and attractive conditions. We can certainly supply you with the right model for your application.

Specialized in the products of truck scales, floor scales and table scales.

"Our promises as your partner are professional expertise, first-class customer service and high-quality products."

Our company

Cosmopolitan and committed to tradition in Waagen

MeWa stands unreservedly for quality in consulting, planning, execution and service in scales and plant engineering. In doing so, we follow the traditions of good craftsmanship - sticking to what we agree. Our handshake carries weight and we show responsibility towards customers and employees. In this respect, we are committed to the Hanseatic traditions of the honorable merchant: Preserving the good old, seeking the best new. That is why we are open to the world, driven by curiosity, and our eyes are set on the future.
Every scale, every plant project stands for this attitude, which we live together with our employees and customers.

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Nordic clear in word and deed

We prefer a clear word, instead of long speech with many subordinate clauses. The concerns of our customers are the decisive basis for our work. We can listen, we ask questions. We look for the best solution for our customer in every balance, in every project. This requires that we cooperate and develop with our customer. What we then do has a hand and a foot, is negotiated and meets our customer's expectations.

Convince with good service

Our intensive consulting services, our flexibility in planning and execution, our comprehensive services serve to make our work as well as our scales and plants even more sustainable. Whether in installation, instruction, maintenance, servicing or repair: all teams at MeWa give their best. With the aim of convincing every customer that his decision to choose us as a partner is and will remain right and good.

Optimization is the orientation

The aim of our consulting is always to offer our customers a solution that promises them the best return on investment economically. We optimize processes. Whether we individually recombine standard components of a scale, design a new system or make an existing system more efficient depends on the goals in the specific project. We do not see ourselves primarily as sellers of scales and systems or as designers and manufacturers. We also see ourselves as companions and develop solutions that enable optimal control of processes.


More than 30 years ago, the successful path of MeWa began - with scales, of course. The founders were scale builders with heart and soul. Our long-standing managing director Dieter Friese is also a trained scale builder - from the ground up. Soon after the company was founded, it was clear that modern weighing technology in industry, recycling, construction and agriculture often involves very special solutions and integration into complete, often already existing systems.

For this reason, MeWa ventured to become a supplier of complete solutions as early as 1992, when it expanded its business in the direction of plant engineering. This step proved to be the right one - MeWa's growth was extraordinarily positive.


Consequently, the opportunity was taken in 1998 to take over the steel construction company S+V in Renzow. Since then, MeWa has also carried out major projects on its own.

Bundled know-how in weighing technology, plant engineering and steel construction give MeWa a profile that is in demand and rare.

With the integration of MeWa into the Hamburg-based Schmitt Group in 1999, we succeeded in expanding MeWa's market position step by step. We are happy to give back some of this capital to our customers. Competence strengthens us and our customers. This is in line with MeWa's guiding principles, which drive us and according to which we act.


In the course of further positive development, the Renzow branch of the company was integrated into Helms Machinery and apparatus engineering and continues to operate successfully in this area.In the context of the company succession the longtime sales manager Ulf-Dietrich Dettmann took over the business shares of MeWa on 01.09.2022 and will lead the company as a and will lead the company as managing partner with his employees into a successful future.

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