SOLAS scales

Container scales - individual and SOLAS compliant

MeWa offers port operators and logistics companies the all-round carefree package for SOLAS-compliant weighing of sea containers. From consulting and design, through manufacturing and assembly, to calibration and calibration service, we offer the whole range. We show what the right solution is and implement it according to customer standards: Each SOLAS scale integrates individually into the existing process chain.

We have developed the sea container weighing frame especially for the requirements of sea container weighing. It is suitable for 20- and 40-foot containers and has a low dead weight. This allows weighing at changing locations.


As a specialist in truck scales, we also have the right models for SOLAS-compliant weighing: Above-floor truck scales, below-floor truck scales and rail scales. For operators of lifting and industrial trucks, we recommend the Reach Stacker. This hydraulic weighing system can be quickly and easily installed in forklifts. Our strength is to realize individual weighing systems with hardware and software, including OCR recognition and EDP connection. On this page we present a range of SOLAS compliant legal for trade scales for weighing containers and loads in one step.

We also offer legal-for-trade scales for point SOLAS weighing. When scales need to be integrated into the manufacturing and logistics process and packaging and container weights also need to be reported. Our verifiable floor scales, crane scales and pallet scales are suitable for this.

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Produkte im Bereich Straßenfahrzeugwaagen

Sea container weighing frame class III calibratable

Container scale, designed by us to meet SOLAS regulations: Each weighing frame is made individually and customized.

Overhead truck scales class III legal for trade

Overhead truck scales for SOLAS-compliant weighing of sea containers. In concrete or steel, for stationary or mobile use.

Underfloor truck scales class III legal for trade

Underfloor truck scales for SOLAS-compliant weighing of sea containers. Execution in concrete or steel.

Mobile truck scale class III calibratable

With this truck scale, weighing of sea containers can take place at different locations. The scale consists of steel modules.

Products in the range of track scales

Track scales class III calibratable

Different lengths, gauge widths and bridge combinations allow SOLAS-compliant weighing of sea containers directly on the wagon.