Table scales

For any need

Bench scales and compact scales with or without tripod are versatile. In trade from the weekly market to the discounter, from the baker to the canteen, also in the laboratory or in pathology. MeWa offers you the models that perform excellently as baker's scales, dough scales, food scales, checkweighers, salad scales, precision scales, reference scales, wall scales. High resolution and as legal for trade scale or non legal for trade scale.

Products in the range of table scales

MeWa TW/EDS 1 complete stainless steel

Bench scales in best industrial quality "Made in Germany", weighing ranges from 3 - 300 kg.
- Maximum load: 300 kg.

Bench Scale / Tripod Scale MeWa ESW-30

Calibratable stainless steel bench scale and stand scale for wet area.
Maximum load: 30 kg


Mobile movable weighing station is flexible in operation, also available in calibrated version.

Stainless steel compact scale MeWa - DW series

Calibratable compact bench scale for wet areas, protection class IP65

Stainless steel compact scale MeWa - WN3G

Compact checkweigher ideal for bakeries, slaughterhouses, catering, commercial kitchens, etc.
- Maximum load: 3 kg

MeWa RBW Classic

Tubular web scale for e.g. butcher shops, available in various lengths and weighing ranges
- Maximum load: 600 kg

MeWa WW Classic

Wall scale with hinged load plate and meat hook, stainless steel weighing bridge and cover hood
- Maximum load: 300 kg

MeWa WW Standard

Compact wall scale with stainless steel hinged load plate, very space saving solution.
- Maximum load: 150 kg

High-load precision bench scale KERN FEJ with calibration approval [M]


Internal automatic adjustment, guarantees high accuracy and makes location independent.

High-load precision bench scale KERN FES non-egg-capable

CAL calibration program for setting accuracy, external test weights at extra cost.

OHAUS Defender 2000 BASIC

Robust, simple and inexpensive platform scale with stand for industrial purposes, non-verifiable.

OHAUS Defender 3000 Standard

Best selling modular scale for simple industrial applications, weighing, checkweighing, counting, totalizing. 7-segment LCD display with multicolor backlight, also available verified.

OHAUS Defender 3000 Hybrid

Platform scale for industrial environments Mains or battery operation possible.

OHAUS Defender 3000 stainless steel with tripod

Platform scale completely made of stainless steel, splash-proof Mains or battery operation possible.

DEFENDER™5000 bench scale standard

With front mounted display

For use in dry area

DEFENDER 5000 Stainless steel

with front mounted display

Splash water applications

DEFENDE 5000 Standard

Multifunctional stand models for dry applications

DEFENDER™5000 stainless steel

Multifunctional stainless steel tripod models for splash water applications

DEFENDER™5000 Hybrid

Multifunctional stand scales for dry applications

DEFENDER™6000 Hybrid

Advanced IP68/IP69k washdown bench scale

Cleaning with high pressure cleaner possible

Soehnle 9115 compact scale

Simple one-key operation Rugged dust- and splash-proof

IP 65 protection class Weighing platform made of stainless steel 1.4301 Housing made of food-safe plastic LC display with 20 mm high digits

Further information

Are you looking for the right bench scales to accurately weigh and measure even smaller product quantities? Then you are on the safe side with our designs. Both in retail and directly at the weekly market, you need the right table scales to ensure flexible and also safe processes. If you are interested in a suitable table scale for your project, we will be happy to help you and provide you with the right scales.