Automatic scales

Optimize your processes

It is hard to imagine industry and logistics without self-acting scales. MeWa offers you numerous models. Whether you want to load or unload ships, move bulk materials, fill bags or containers, weigh coarse or fine flows, totalize or determine total mass one after the other: We have the right weighing unit. Also for excavators and conveyor belts. We are proven experts for the optimal integration of scales into existing plants!

Products in the range of automatic scales

Hopper and silo scales

Automatic determination of the actual weight, for checking the filling level and for withdrawals
from the silo.


We can offer you individual solutions for this. Please feel free to contact us.

Conveyor belt scales

Continuous weighing of bulk material of any kind transported on conveyor belts, mostly in production or logistics and often under harsh conditions.
Data management system BELT


Fill quantity control, e.g. when sorting prepackages on conveyor belts or roller conveyors according to FPVO.

Terminals and legally compliant software CHECK or SQC

Bagging scales (e.g. BIG-BAG)

Automatic bagging of grain, flour and all powdery and granular materials - special design are BIG-BAG scales in specific designs.
Filling control BAG or BIG-BAG

Receiving / loading scales

Efficient loading and unloading of ships and trucks with free-flowing products such as grain and fertilizer.
Receiving and loading scale control BULK

Dosing scales

Fast and precise multi-component dosing via feeders such as screw, vibratory feeder, valves.
Dosing control of solids and liquids DOS

Filling scale (e.g. drum scale)

Accurate filling of liquids via suitable valves and sensors into individual containers or batches, e.g. drums.
Display terminal and filling control FILL

Recipe scales

Combining a product according to a given recipe, e.g. in the chemical industry or feed production.
Dosing control for manual/automatic dosing BATCH

Soehnle Professional

Dynamic scales - Transport & Logistics Objects up to 6 kg

Dynamic weight and data acquisition Calibratable from 1 g digit increments as an automatic scale according to OIML R 51 High belt speed up to 2 m/s, throughput up to 120 pcs/min Flexible integration capability through modular system components. From basic variants to self-sufficient complete solutions. Other formats and weighing ranges on request.


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