The complete range of weighing technology

Scales for you!

Whatever you have to weigh, MeWa offers the right scale for it. From delicate precision scales to imposing rail scales, from flexible truck scales to mobile pallet scales - our scales are robust, solid, sensitive and precise. Weighing technology for industry, commerce, medicine and agriculturally oriented businesses can be found here in great variety. Contact us so that our competent scale experts can evaluate your questions about design, functionality, material and product safety to suit your task. In this way, we will find the scale for you that fully meets your specific task in the company.

You can rent or buy our scales for your purpose - more information is available upon individual request.

Our camera monitoring for position and load control

Available for our products

In order to safeguard sensitive productions or certain branches of industry, targeted camera monitoring of your scales is essential. In this way, weighing processes can be precisely coordinated and also monitored to ensure compliance with all standards. The technically modern and permanently active cameras can be easily linked and activated at this point. In this way, it is possible to benefit even from a robust effect and from real transparency.