Railway scales

Static or dynamic

MeWa offers track scales for wagons and trains in different track gauges and installation variants. Whether a track scale for static weighing (at standstill) of block trains or individual wagons is the right choice for you or, better, the track scale for dynamic weighing of moving trains is something we decide together with you in consultation. Because a lot depends on your structural requirements and the goods to be weighed. Ask us. We are the specialists for rail scales.

Products in the range of rail scales

Rail scale concrete

Calibratable, static track scale system ECO-RAIL-FL in concrete design.
Weighing capacity up to 150 t.

Rail scale steel

Belongs to our static bridges track scales. Equipped with steel foundation. Weighing capacity up to 100 t.

Track scale / Dynamic overload check weigher

Track scales Control Point as dynamic overload checkweigher.