Crane scales

For suspended loads

Crane scales from MeWa are designed for rugged use. They are weather resistant, and therefore suitable for outdoor use. Our crane scales weigh loads from 10 kilograms up to 100 tons. Choose from numerous models with battery or rechargeable battery operation. On request, you can also get your crane scale calibrated, with double load hook or with remote control.

Products in the range of crane scales

Crane scale KWSL

Compact crane scale for fast weight determination of suspended goods up to 250 t.

Crane Scale MCW 09 PROFESSIONAL SAFETY Crane Scale

Stainless steel digital crane scale, IP67 protection against dust and splashing water, large 40mm DOT LED display, for optimal readability from any angle and in all lighting conditions, even in direct sunlight. Single safety system makes it suitable for load lifting and weighing. Robust and reliable, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Minimum reduction of the lifting distance from the crane. Models up to 15,000 kg capacity are supplied with a test certificate that includes the test weights; for higher capacities the certificate is available on request.

Crane scale MCW 9

Digital compact crane scale with remote control, calibratable up to 3-9 t maximum load.

Crane scale CS

Crane scale for weighing ranges up to 12,500 kg

Crane scale LD

Crane scale EHP LD Weighing ranges from 100 kg - 50,000 kg also available verified.

Crane scale LK

Calibratable crane scale with high 0.03 % accuracy, also in calibrated version. Crane scale EHP LKE7LK Weighing ranges from 500 kg - 100,000 kg

Crane scale KGY

Crane scale for use in foundries, extremely robust design. Crane scale EHP LKE7LK Weighing ranges from 1,000 kg - 100,000 kg verified.

Crane scale KGW

Crane scale for heavy duty use in foundries with heat shield.

High-load crane scale EHP/KGW Weighing ranges from 1,000 kg - 200,000 kg verified.

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