Truck scales

Safe and precise

MeWa offers truck scales for trucks, semitrailers & Co. in different designs and sizes.

Whether you are looking for a wheel load scale, axle load scale or a truck scale as weighbridge, whether steel or concrete, underfloor or overfloor scale, we will advise you in detail on your truck scale. Of course, we also provide suitable peripheral equipment for your truck scale: driver self-service terminals, license plate recognition, traffic lights, barrier systems software, radio remote control, large displays with text display, cameras for vehicle and load monitoring with storage of images in a file, etc. are available for you in numerous designs for all applications.

Road vehicle scales

Whether surface scales, pit scales or truck scales - you can find your truck scale here.

Products in the range of truck scales

Road vehicle scales - MeWa Comfort R

The modular truck scale in various lengths and widths is suitable for installation under silos and in halls, as well as for use as an overhead scale.

Road vehicle scales - MeWa Classic

The truck scale is one of the truck scales that can be used in the most difficult locations thanks to its modular design.

Road vehicle scales MeWa mobile calibratable class III

Ideal for use on leased land, construction sites and long-term installations. Wherever it has to go fast and high flexibility is required for the operations, the truck scale MeWa Mobil is the first choice. Very fast assembly set up and immediately ready for use.

Road vehicle scales MeWa Quattro

The MeWa Quattro truck scale is a truck scale in concrete design and suitable for heavy industrial use. The scale consists of 2 closed pit sections and 2 bridge modules. The scale is designed for weighing capacities up to max. 60 t and due to its construction it can be mounted quickly on strip foundations provided by the customer. As a rule, the scale can be put into operation immediately after installation and completion of the up and down sides.

Road vehicle scales Twinset

The Twinset truck scale consists of a one-piece trough and one-piece bridge construction. The scale is particularly suitable for use according to WHG in areas where this is required. The scale can be manufactured with a chemical resistant coating on the inside, which makes it suitable for use in particularly aggressive environments. Due to the one-piece pit and bridge construction, assembly and commissioning is completed in a few hours.

Road vehicle scales MeWa Compact

The MeWa Compact truck scale consists of a steel-concrete structure and is quick and easy to install at any location thanks to optional prefabricated strip foundations and prefabricated ramp modules. Only a compacted installation surface is required. However, the scale can also be set up on a concrete surface or on other substrates. Due to the roughened surface, the scale is also easy to drive on in winter. The scale is particularly suitable for installation in gravel pits and recycling plants, where it may have to be moved again.

Road vehicle scales UNITED

The UNITED truck scale is a modular scale design and is suitable for installation in recycling plants, biogas plants, gravel works, haulage companies and for use on construction sites. The scale is available in painted or hot-dip galvanized finish. The tracks are equipped with a checker plate overlay, which guarantees increased slip resistance when driving on them. Due to the modular design, the scale is also suitable for export and can be easily stowed in a sea container. The scale can be moved quickly and with little effort.

Road vehicle scales UNITED PRO

UNITED PRO truck scale is a robust steel scale, with closed bridge and checker plate support for better trafficability. The scale is painted in two layers with special paint, this is particularly durable and resistant. Weighing bridges are divided lengthwise and are assembled on site. The advantage of this design is that all assemblies can be optionally supplied hot-dip galvanized. Another advantage is that the weighbridge can be transported to the construction site with a normal truck and assembled on site with a forklift truck. Thus, no heavy-duty transport and crane are required on the construction site.

Axle load scales

If the truck scale needs to be extra flexible and inexpensive, an axle load scale is the right solution.

Products in the range of axle load scales

Axle load scales - AW Kompakt

Axle load scales: the low-cost solution for weight control for trucks, agricultural vehicles, heavy-duty trucks and more.

Wheel load scale/axle load scale mobil MeWa AW Highway

This wheel load scale or axle load scale is used for mobile weight measurement while driving.