Floor scales & pallet scales

For heavy weighing material

Floor scales and pallet scales from MeWa with high overload protection are used in warehouses and logistics, in incoming and outgoing goods, in medicine and in the meat industry. Picking, weighing quantities, totalizing, counting, formulating - for every requirement you will find the right model in a suitable design: stainless steel, tear plate, built-in scale or scale for driving over. We offer suitable designs that take load peaks into account when lowering the goods to be weighed and are durable even under harsh conditions.

Products in the range Floor scale & Pallet scale

Pallet scale/floor scale - MeWa PW

Calibratable and mobile scale with two transport wheels and handle. Maximum load: 600, 1500 or 3000 kg.
Maximum load: 3 to.

Floor scale - MeWa BW Comfort

Floor scale with unscrewable load plate, easy to maintain and clean.
Maximum load: 3 to.

Floor scale stainless steel - MeWa BW Extra

Stainless steel floor scale with hinged load plate for use in food processing plants.
Maximum load: 1.5 to.

Floor scale - MeWa BW Classic Plus

The heavy-duty legal-for-trade scale can be driven over with fork-lift trucks or pallet trucks, for example.
Maximum load: 10 to.

Drive-through scale/floor scale - MeWa DFW Comfort

Drive-through scale with particularly low entry height approx. 45 mm, including a drive-on ramp.

Maximum load: 1.5 to.

Soehnle drive-through scale 7764.20 with 2 integrated ramps

- Robust steel construction

- especially flat

- Quick to put into operation

- With low drive-on height and integrated drive-on ramps

- Terminal 3820.01.101

Drive-in scale/floor scale - with lifting device

Calibratable truck scale completely made of stainless steel with lifting system, for overhead installation.
Maximum load: 1.5 to.

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