Individual weighing systems

In all shapes and designs

Are you looking for a specific solution that cannot be achieved with standard scales? No problem for us. At MeWa, we plan, design and manufacture the systems you need in our own production facilities. For example, custom-fit drum scales, batching scales, blending scales, silo scales, EX protection scales or counting systems. Whatever helps you in the production process, we advise you, plan with you and deliver the solution. We accept every challenge!

Products in the area of individual weighing systems

Weighing rods - WS

Weighing rods are suitable for flexible use for weighing large-volume goods and commodities.
- Maximum load: 3 to

Long material scale - LEW

Long material scale for weighing long components and goods, for example pipes.

H scale - HW

H-scales for weighing bulky goods. Customized special designs are also available.
- Maximum load: 3 to

Schwerlastwaage - SLW

The heavy duty scale is designed for heavy duty use up to 300 tons. Special sizes are available.
- Maximum load: 300 to

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